How to choose the right type of dog bed for your canine.

How to Choose the Right Type of Dog Bed

If you are a dog owner, you know that dog spend most of their time sleeping or lying around. In fact, some dogs can spend up to three-fourths of their time resting, relaxing, or sleeping. Many dogs spend this time lounging around on couches or chairs. However, it is not only better for your furniture, but often for your pet, if you invest in a good quality bed that is suited for your dog.

The right dog bed will not only be more comfortable for your pet, but also gives them their own space to feel safe and relaxed in. Additionally, it could save a lot of wear and tear on your couch.

But all the different types, styles, and choices can be a bit confusing. Making sure you pick the right type of dog bed for your dog might seem a bit daunting. However, it is easier than you think to make the correct selection for your pet. Basically, your pet will let you know which type of dog bed is best for them by the way they sleep and relax around the house.

To make it easy, we’ve compiled the following guide to help you determine what your dog’s sleeping style is, and which beds they will find the most comfortable.

Dog Sleep Styles

The easiest and most effective way to ensure that you are choosing the right kind of dog bed for your canine companion is to observe what their preferred sleep style is. A sleep style is basically how your dog positions their body, head, and legs while they rest or sleep.

To determine your dog’s sleep style, review the sleep styles listed below and watch your dog the next time he is sleeping. Make sure you watch your dog on a few separate occasions to make sure you’re familiar with their preferred style or styles.

Their are many variations of dog sleep styles. However, there are four main types of dog sleeping styles that cover the vast majority of dogs.

Dog Sleep Style 1: Ball Curlers

One of the most widely seen dog sleep styles is curlers. These dogs prefer to curl up into a ball while they sleep or relax. Just like people who like to curl up, these dogs enjoy the security and safety of curling themselves into a comfortable ball.

Dogs who are curlers will usually be most comfortable in either a doughnut bed or pillow bed, since these varieties of dog beds are well-suited for sinking into and providing a soft, comfortable spot to curl up in.

Dog Sleep Style 2: Stretchers and Spreaders

Another very popular type of dog sleep style is stretchers and spreaders. These dogs would rather spread out their body and legs as much as possible while they sleep, taking up as much room as possible. These dogs like to let it all hang out and are most comfortable and relaxed when their legs are free to spread over a large area. Spreaders will generally need a dog bed that is larger, so that they can completely stretch out, while still being on their bed.

One of the best types of dog beds for canines who stretch out are rectangle dog beds. Rectangle beds are available in all sizes, for all sizes of dogs. These beds do not have any type of wall or side, so that your dog isn’t inhibited from fully spreading out.

Dog Sleep Style 3: Burrowers

Some dogs prefer to be able to burrow or dig-in when they sleep. Dogs like this are generally the most comfortable when completely engulfed and enclosed. If your dog is often buried beneath a blanket, they likely are a burrower.

There are dog beds made specifically for this sleep style. Nesting dog beds are an ideal choice for dogs who dig and burrow when they rest. Nesting beds include some type of flaps or overhangs attached to the edges of the bed, which allow dogs to bury themselves for maximum coziness and comfort.

Dog Sleep Style 4: Leaners

One of the more rare types of dog sleep styles is leaners. A leaner is exactly that: a dog who feels most comfortable leaning part of their body up against something while they sleep or relax. Dogs who are leaners can often be found with their upper body, neck, and/or head propped up against the arm of a chair or other piece of furniture. They need feel something solid against their body in order to feel the most comfortable and relaxed.

Bolster dog beds are the best solution for dogs who are leaners. These types of dog beds include firm edges or sides, of various heights, that these dogs can support themselves against.

Picking a Correctly Sized Dog Bed

Generally speaking, the size of the dog will determine the size of the bed you need. In other words, if you have a Chihuahua, you can probably use a tiny bed, whereas a Great Dane will need something just a bit larger. However, some smaller dogs who are spreaders might actually need a larger dog bed than a bigger dog who is a curler.

The best method to make sure you are getting the right size dog bed is to first measure how long your dog is from head to tail. Next, determine their sleep style and factor in whether they would prefer more or less space based on their sleep preference. This is as much an art as a science, so if you feel unsure, you should always err on the side of getting something larger. it is more likely that a dog will be more bothered by a bed that is too small, rather than one that is too large.

As with most pet products, trying to save money by buying an inferior product will often cost you more in the long-run. This is especially true of dog beds, since it is an item that will get constant use and wear. Cheap dog beds aren’t generally good enough quality to last for years, and may need to be replaced several times throughout your dog’s life. If you have a very large or active pet, it is even more important that you buy a dog bed that is sturdy enough to withstand your pet’s abuse.

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